Signature cocktails

Island Treasure  90

Bacardi black rum, Amaretto Disaronno, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Passion Fruit, Homemade Spices Syrup, Orange Bitters. 

Inka Old Fashioned  95

Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Vanilla and Cherry homemade syrup, Angostura bitters, smoked with apple wood chips.

Berry Amante  60

Patron Silver, Blueberry and Raspberry puree, Lemon juice and simple syrup.

 Cuzcopolitan  75

Pisco , Orange liqueur, Cranberry juice, Lime  and Cherry syrup.

EL Seductor  65 

Tequila, Peach liqueur, lychee liqueur, fresh apple juice, vanilla.

Dulce Amargo  70

Amaretto, cacao liqueur, coconut syrup, lemon juice, chocolate bitters, chocolate on top.

Infused Tonics 

Brisa Fresca  60

Tanquerai London dry, coriander, lemon wheels and peal, top with tonic water.

Hora Del  Te  85

Beafeater 24, homemade Sencha Te cordial, orange wedge and peal, top with tonic water.

Romero y Pomelo  100

GinMare, grapefruit peal and rosemary smoked, top with tonic water.

Pepino y Rosas  85

Hendrix’s Gin, Cucumber and Rose petals homemade cordial, black pepper top with amazing Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic.

Primavera  95

Tanqueray 10 Gin, Chamomile and grapefruit cordial, grapefruit bitters topped with tonic Fever Tree.

Cherry y Fresas  75

Hayman’s Sloe Gin, maraschino cherries, lime and fresh strawberries topped with tonic water.

Bulldog Bite  70

Bulldog gin, Thai red chilli, homemade Ginger cordial, maraschino cherry, fresh olives  top with tonic.

Del Sur  75

Santa Teresa Reserva, homemade mint syrup, fresh passion fruit topped with tonic water.

Uva y Pimienta  75

Pisco Acholado 1615, grapefruit cordial, fresh ginger, black grapes, black pepper top with tonic water.

Twists of Classics

Rumhattan  95

Santa Teresa Grand Reserve, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, orange bitters, dash of homemade cinnamon syrup, maraschino cherry.

Cucuchaza  70

Cachaça pure, cucumber cordial, fresh passion fruit, lime, brown sugar.

Latin Spritzer  80

Campari, watermelon syrup, fresh grapefruit top with prosecco



De Reyes

260  (carafe) (75 by the glass)

Bombay Saphire Gin, fresh orange juice,  orange liqueur, cinnamon , red wine

 De Reinas

260 (carafe) (75 by the glass)

Russian Standard vodka, fresh green apple juice, rose wine, fresh strawberries and oranges.

Royal (spakling)

300 (carafe) (80 by the glass)

Sloe gin, Pisco, passion Fruit, Grapefruit cordial, Sparkling wine.

Classic Pisco sour  80

Pisco, sugar syrup, lemon juice, egg white.

Infused Pisco Sour  85

Choose your fruits:

Mix forest berries

Cinnamon and cherry infused


Mocktails  30


Pineapple juice, orange juice, Amarreto syrup,Fresh lemon juice.


Mango juice, pineapple juice,Fresh lemon juice, vanilla and melon syrup.

El Virgen

Apple juice, homemade mint syrup , Fresh passion fruit, topped with soda.


Orange juice, Cramberry  juice, Peach syrup, lemon juice.