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Padron peppers 39

deep fried mild peppers from La Coruña, with aji Amarillo aioli and cancha powder
Three cheese tequenos 44

wonton rolls filled with a smoked three cheese tequeno sauce, avocado purée and salsa criolla  
Tuna wraps 57

with yuzu ponzu tigers milk, guacamole and tacacho
Quinoa croquettes 57

with squid ink and aji Amarillo paste, smoked lemon and truffle yogurt
Fried zucchini flowers 61

 three cheese stuffed zucchini flowers with piquillo pepper sour cream
Pollo frito and rocoto aioli 60

rocoto marinated boneless chicken with rocoto aioli and passion fruit honey
Scallops tiradito with uchucuta sauce 66

thinly sliced scallops with uchucuta sauce, togarashi and passion fruit pearls
Salmon tiradito and salsa acevichada 64

salmon sashimi with acevichada sauce, avocado pure and sweet soy sauce

Hake tiradito and fried baby squid 55

thinly sliced hake with salsa criolla, baby squid and aji Amarillo sauce
Tuna tataki & truffle ponzu sauce 62

seared Tuna Sashimi with white truffle and ponzu sauce, toasted sesame seeds
Wagyu beef tataki and Nikkei sauce 115

Australian Score 9 Wagyu sashimi, grilled spring onion and string potato frites
Deep fried baby squid 54

 sansho pepper, micro coriander and pickled jalapeno aioli
Octopus skewers 90

grilled octopus skewers with sweet corn purée, anticuchera salsa and chimichurri
chicken skewers 55

marinated chicken breast with huancaina sauce and sweet and baby new potatoes
wagyu sliders 85

with caramelized onion, truffle mayo and foie gras
short ribs buns 82
braised shortribs with hoisin sauce, sweet potato purée and salsa criolla


(5 pieces)

Veggie 77
piquillo, cream cheese and cucumber roll top with avocado
Acevichado 83
avocado and shrimp furai topped with tuna and acevichada sauce

Shrimp tempura 83
avocado and cream cheese with shrimp furai. Rolled with black and white sesame seeds
Inka roll 80
shrimp furai, avocado and cream cheese with salmon, passion fruit honey and lime

Salmon 80
oyster sauce and seasame seeds

Crab maki nero 88
crab meat and avocado, octopus and chimichurri
Tuna Nikkei 86
avocado, cream cheese topped with diced tuna in Nikkei and wonton frites
Chicken furai 78
chicken cream cheese and avocado topped with piquillo pepper
BBQ roll 88
tenderloin  avocado and cream cheese with hoisin bbq sauce
Beef heart 84
cream cheese, avocado and mix of onion and tomato topped with beef heart and anticuchera sauce

All prices are exclusive of 10% municipality fee