NYE 2017 Dinner Menu

NYE 2017 Dinner Menu


Tuna Ceviche
Tuna Ceviche with yuzu ponzu tigers milk, avocado and pickled potato strings
Vegeterian Causa trio 90

seabass, baby squid, prawns and octopus served with smoked pepper tigers milk
Tuna Tataki 90
thinly sliced hake with salsa criolla, baby squid and aji Amarillo sauce
Quinoa Croquettes 75
thinly sliced scallops with uchucuta sauce, togarashi and passion fruit pearls
Shrimp and Octopus Skewers 90
salmon sashimi with acevichada sauce, avocado purée and sweet soy sauce
Score 9 Wagyu beef skewers 140
with yuzu ponzu tigers milk, guacamole and tacacho

MAKIS (5 Pieces)

5 units 60./
piquillo, cream cheese and cucumber roll top with avocado
avocado and cucumber
avocado and shrimp furai topped with tuna and acevichada sauce
avocado, cream cheese topped with diced tuna in Nikkei and wonton frites
oyster sauce and seasame seeds
Shrimp Tempura
crab meat and avocado, octopus and chimichurri
BBQ Beef tenderloin
avocado, cream cheese topped with diced tuna in Nikkei and wonton frites
tenderloin  avocado and cream cheese with hoisin bbq sauce

Signature Dishes

wild Mushroom Quinotto 160
three cheese stuffed zucchini flowers with piquillo pepper sour cream
Octopus & truffle Quinotto Nero 170
with Squid ink and ají Amarillo paste. Smoked lemon and truffle yogurt
Lobster and foie Gras 180
sansho pepper, micro coriander and pickled jalapeno aioli
Smoked Black Cod Patarashca 170
 passion fruit honey and chives with squid ink aioli and salsa criolla
Boneless chicken Leg 160
corn arepa with crispy iceberg lettuce, avocado and mango salsa
Beef Shortribs with sweet corn pepian 180
grilled octopus skewers with sweet corn purée, anticuchera salsa and chimichurri
Duck &Wagyu Beef Lomo saltado 200
sliced duck magret and seared scallops over lucuma purée, salsa criolla and turkey bacon powder

Inka Turkey platter : Turkey tacos with aji Amarillo mayo and Nikkei sauce
Followed by BBQ roasted turkey with jalapeno puree , turkey bacon tacacho
And a side dish of sweet potato fries and Nikkei greens

Minimun 4pax) 700